How many people can say they’ve jumped off the Star of Knoxville Riverboat and into the Tennessee River?

Who can say they’ve gotten to swim under five historic bridges, past Neyland stadium, the Knoxville skyline, then finish up by going by beautiful river bluffs and river banks lined with Antebellum homes?

Now’s your chance.  

Sign up for the Bridges to Bluffs 10k swim—a little over six miles downstream in the Tennessee River.  

Think swimming the equivalent of 13 laps around Neyland Stadium is a challenge?

You’re right.  But maybe you’re up for it.

After all, you may know plenty of people who have run a marathon, finished a triathlon, maybe even an Ironman.  But how many people can say they SWAM a marathon?

2018 B2B Course2.jpg

This course is a point to point swim which will take swimmers 6.2 miles downstream in the TN River. Swimmers will enter the water with a time trial start and will finish in the water at the beautiful Sequoyah Hills Park. Spectators will have the opportunity to watch the race from various locations throughout the course. Water temperatures are expected to be in the mid 70's F.


Swimmers will begin entering the water at 9:00 a.m. The swim course will close 4 hours after the last swimmer starts the swim. Each swimmer will get the full 4 hours to complete the 6.2 mile swim regardless of what time they enter the water.


For full race details, please see the 2019 Athlete Guide.

Athlete Guide

If you are piloting for Bridges to Bluffs or our Thursday night swims, please see the Pilot Guide.

Pilot Guide